Shorts Progam: Zoo (Volkerschau), The Ride, Tick Tock Clock, Thornbird

Zoo (Volkerschau)
Director: Monda Webb
Synopsis: Two girls prepare for a fun day at the 1958 World's Fair in Brussels, Belgium, with the same expectations, but very different outcomes. In short, Zoo captures a day at Volkerschau, a 'human zoo', or Negro Village, from the point of view of a 7 year old African Girl, and a 7 year old German Girl. Zoo celebrates freedom, explores perceived beauty and dreams deferred. It is a quiet dialogue that coolly observes humanity, unapologetically uncovers a loss of innocence, puts a magnifying glass on motherdaughter relationships, and looks racism in its ugly eyes. Zoo, a dialog on humanity, demonstrates that we don't know racism until we learn it. All of us are human, some of us only pretend to be.
Running Time: 11:01

The Ride
Director: Callie Cagwin
Synopsis: Afraid of shortening the numbered days he has left, Zach Gibbons has given up on his life. But, his spunky wife, Jenna, will have none of it. In an attempt to make Zach’s time as pleasant as possible, she convinces him to try again at something he’s never succeeded at before – riding a bike. Running Time: 7:49
Tick Tock Clock
Director: Gail Reaben Synopsis: With rare 8mm film footage, this fun, historical film captures Texas teenagers in the 1950s who came of age during a monumental time of change the birth of a new music, rock 'n' roll, the birth of television, and rebellious new idols such as James Dean and Elvis Presley to now, in the digital age of computers and the internet. At Christmas, 2014, Gail Reaben, the director, finds out her old house in Bellaire (Houston), Texas is being torn down to make way for a mega mansion. Her parents owned the house from when it was new in 1952 until she lost it in bankruptcy in 2000. Distraught over the loss of memories, Reaben and two friends from school days, Marty and Tom, all now in their 70’s, meet at the old house as bulldozers carry away the foundation. As they remember a life of long ago, old 8mm film, all shot by teenagers themselves, shows us rare places of teenage life, parties, bedrooms and even the roof, where all they did was dance and play. Original 1950s rock music enhances their moments of joy and discovery.
Running Time: 14:57
Director: Jonathan Stutzman
Synopsis: A young girl finds a magic mask that transports her into a dreamworld. Running Time: 8:40

Event Hours(1)

  • Avalon Theatre

    05:00 pm - 05:45 pm

    Four shorts
    Zoo: Two girls prepare for a fun day at the 1958 World's Fair in Brussels; The Ride: Facing a shortened life, Zach learns to ride a bike; Tick Tock Clock: Texas teenagers in the 1950s; Thornbird: A young girl finds a magic mask.


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