Shorts Program: For Whom The Bell Tolls, Moosehead’s Wicked Good Plan, and The Bonobo Connection

For Whom the Bell Tolls-Recording of an Opera in Progress: Act 1 Scene 3
Director: Brian Grundstrom
Synopsis: Robert Jordan, an American, is sent to join Pablo's band of guerrillas, who are fighting with the Communists and who are housed in a cave.  His task is to blow up a bridge at the start of surprise major offensive with the help of the band.  He meets Pilar, Pablo's wife and a formidable figure in her own right, and Maria, a young woman whom the band recently rescued from the fascists in a recent raid after she was raped and otherwise abused.  Pablo was a brave commander, but has taken to drinking and has become cautious.  They learn that there is gossip in the city about the impending raid, which means that the element of surprise has been lost. The band is visited by the head of a nearby band, El Sordo, who then returns to his place in the mountains.  With the agreement of the other members of Pablo's band, Pilar wrests the leadership of the band from a furious Pablo.  Jordan and Maria were smitten at first meeting, and at the end of Scene Two she joins him in his sleeping bag outside the cave. Act I, Scene Three, follows.   Act II starts with German planes flying over the cave on their way to destroy El Sordo and his band. Pilar tells Jordan that Pablo has disappeared, taking a horse and the detonators for the dynamite. Pablo reappears and announces that he has decided to rejoin the band.  He has thrown away the detonators, so Jordan will have to improvise.  Pablo goes out to try to find more men and horses.  He returns successfully and they bomb the bridge, but suffer a number of fatalities, although the four principals survive.  One by one the remaining members of the group race across a road on their way to safety.  Jordan alone is shot and seriously injured.  He is left behind with a machine gun to delay the fascists while the others, including a distraught Maria, make their escape. Robert Jordan, an American, went to join Pablo's band of guerrillas, who are fighting with the Communists and who areused in a cave. His task is to blow up a bridge at the start of
Running Time: 23:49
Moosehead’s Wicked Good Plan
Director: Sarah Katz
Synopsis: The state of Maine was the epicenter of the global paper industry for over a hundred years. Companies like Great Northern Paper, S.D. Warren, and Scott owned 60% of the state’s 17 million acres of forest land. As community institutions these companies also did Maine citizens the favor of granting open public access to their private land for outdoor recreation. Then in the 1980s and ‘90s as the paper industry shifted operations overseas half of Maine’s forests went up for sale. Moosehead’s Wicked Good Plan explores the disruption that the Moosehead Lake region faces when a new buyer, Seattle based Plum Creek Timber billed as both a timber company and a Real Estate Investment Trust proposes two resorts and 1,000 houses in the middle of the largest undeveloped forest east of the Mississippi River. Will this gigantic forest be privatized?
Running Time: 35:00
The Bonobo Connection
Director: Irene A. Magafan
Synopsis: The Bonobo Connection, narrated by Hollywood Actor and activist, Ashley Judd, takes an intimate look into one of our closest and most forgotten relatives, bonobo apes. Journey into a corrupt world, full of habitat destruction, political war, civil unrest and illegal hunting and you will find one of the most peaceful beings on Earth, the bonobo. This documentary takes us on a journey to meet a family of bonobos in captivity at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio and through them we learn about their cousins in the wild forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the struggles they face as a species and the importance of conserving their land and their species. We hear from world leaders in wildlife conservation and great ape research who compare bonobos to chimpanzees, and who also discuss the infamous system of cooperation that bonobos have created, which holds the key to sustaining peace not only for bonobos but for humankind. And the film acts as a stepping stone for bonobo conservation and to generate awareness about the DRC and why it's important, as the second lung of the Earth, to preserve it for the animals who live in it and for our planet at as whole.
Running Time: 31:30

Event Hours(1)

  • Avalon Theatre

    02:45 pm - 04:15 pm

    Three short subjects from guerilla warfare to forest preservation to the bonobo ape.
    From Whom the Bell Tolls: an American is sent to join a band of guerrillas, who are fighting with the Communists and housed in a cave; Moosehead’s Wicked Good Plan: a timber company proposes two resorts and 1,000 houses in the middle of the largest undeveloped forest east of the Mississippi River; The Bonobo Connection: explores species conservation and similarities to humans.


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