Oct. 1-4


About the Festival

Welcome to the Chesapeake Film Festival! Founded in 2008, it is the mission of the Chesapeake Film Festival to entertain, enrich and inspire by bringing the finest in narrative, documentary and short film to the Chesapeake Bay community. The films we showcase are broadly focused to illuminate both the diversity and universality of the human condition. We believe that films can affect positive change, and through this medium, individuals and communities can gain a greater understanding of themselves and the world. The Chesapeake Film Festival serves to stimulate, educate and empower.

The Chesapeake Film Festival Board and Staff

George A. Nilson, Esq.

Sandy Cannon-Brown
Vice President

Charlene Marcum

Philip Morrison

Ted Adams
Wendy Jo Avey
Richard L. Calkins
James Currie
Elizabeth Ewing
Liza Ledford
Irene Magafan
Arna Meyer Mickelson
Brendon Poole
Jen Schultz
Kimberly Skyrme
Martin Zell


Cid Collins Walker
Festival Director

Nancy Tabor
Executive Director

Julie Patterson
Artistic Director

Bill Dennison
Tom Fish
Alexis Nichols
George Pogatsia
Kindall Rende

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