Oct. 2-10


Environmental Shorts 2

Lowland Kids (22 minutes)
Directed by Sandra Winther

As climate change erases the Lousiana coast, the last two teenagers on Isle de Jean Charles fight to stay on an island that’s their family home for generations.

Alaska Thaw (2:30 minutes)
Directed by Bjørn Olson

Filmmaker and wilderness adventurer Bjørn Olson was born in an abandoned trappers cabin in Interior Alaska. He has dedicated his life to exploring far-flung corners of the state without the aid of gas-powered vehicles, and to documenting his experiences.

Take the Helm (4 minutes)
A film by Sandy Cannon-Brown and Dave Harp

Talbot County teenagers build boats and character as they learn about environmental issues and the value of teamwork in this unique initiative of the YMCA in Easton.

Friendship Bottles (5:30 minutes)
A film by Kristin and Wayne Westbrook

Can plastic have a positive environmental and humanitarian impact? Some RPI university students are betting on the radical interconnecting design of an environmentally friendly plastic bottles that provide building material for housing, instead of polluting our land and oceans.

The Incredible Oyster Reef (10 minutes)
Directed by Russ Nichols and Alison Nichols

Chesapeake Bay oysters once existed in storied numbers. But poor water quality, disease and harvesting have threatened their sustainability. This film explores oysters as a keystone species with a remarkable, and it seems indispensable, ability to heal the Bay’s troubled waters.

Q&A with filmmakers to follow.


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