Oct. 2-10


Light From Light

Directed by Paul Harrill

(82 minutes)

Single mom Shelia, gifted with sometimes-prophetic dreams, moonlights as a paranormal investigator while working at a car-rental service counter and raising her teenage son, Owen. After her appearance on a local radio program, she’s contacted about Richard, a recent widower who thinks his wife may be haunting his East Tennessee farmhouse. Agreeing to help, Shelia brings along Owen and his sweet classmate Lucy in hopes of understanding the mystery. Light from Light is a balm of a film, bathed in the atmosphere of the misty mountains surrounding the farmhouse and the nighttime soundtrack of the ever-present crickets’ song. Writer/director Paul Harrill’s empathetic work quietly captures the rhythms of his characters’ daily lives, while imbuing them (and their spiritual investigation) with an appreciation of what we gain and risk by being open to possibilities. Marin Ireland and Jim Gaffigan ingrain Shelia and Richard with a grounded sensitivity and compassion as each contemplates their own regrets, while Josh Wiggins and Atheena Frizzell provide a delicate counterpoint with their portrayals of the less life-worn Owen and Lucy.


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