Oct. 2-10


Seismology + The Pollinators

Seismology (15 minutes)
Directed by James Tralie

Many people believe seismology is solely about catastrophic earthquakes, but this documentary short presents a case study of all that is possible with seismic records. This exploration communicates the importance of seismology in understanding Earth processes, the efforts being undertaken to improve our knowledge of earthquake events, and the use of seismic research in medical applications for studying other planets.

The Pollinators (93 minutes)
Directed by Peter Nelson

Much of the food on our tables comes from the intrinsic act of pollinating the flowers that become the fruits, vegetables and nuts we eat, but agricultural practices, pesticides and politics are making that simple act of nature more difficult every day. This film follows migratory beekeepers throughout a growing season. Throughout the journey we meet farmers, scientists, chefs and academics that give perspective to this complex food system that we all depend on.

Followed by Q&A with Dr. Jeff Pettis.


Sat Oct 5