Oct. 1-4


Shorts Program 1

The Painted Truck (22 minutes)
A film by Judy & Stanley Hallet & Sebastian Schroeder

The Painted Truck documents the repainting of an old International Harvester truck. Its metal panels are redecorated with images of winged horses, paradise gardens and mountain highway passes.  The newly painted truck leaves Kabul for a two-day trip to Bamiyan in the Central part of Afghanistan.  We meet the owner of the truck, the driver and the assistant driver called the cleanar.  He hangs out the back of the truck with a “danda panj” or wooden wedge used to hold the truck from slipping backwards on steep mountain roads.

Reflections (11 minutes)
Directed by Georgios Dimitropoulos

Vincent De Paul is a US film producer who embarks on a spiritual journey throughout Europe, seeking inspiration and enlightenment on his way. He visits the beautiful Gower Peninsula in Wales, and is instantly drawn to the essence of Wales, it’s beautiful beaches, craggy rocks and ruined castles. The film draws us back to imagine life in Weobley Castle for Sir Rhys Thomas and his wife Efa, over 500 years ago. It is a story about their true love, its tenacity and survival, rather than gruesome aspects of war.

The Charles Effect (10 minutes)
Directed by Theodore Adams, III

Charles Jones is a participant in an experiment to see if people living on the autistic spectrum (neuro-diverse) can use their special gifts to offer alternative solutions to challenges in the medical field. From his perspective, everyone he has not made a personal connection with are seen as children. He has always found it difficult, if not outright painful, to express his ideas. He wants to contribute, but there is always a breakdown in communication that he cannot seem to overcome. He must step out of his own world or an important medical breakthrough will be lost in his silence.

Late Afternoon (10 minutes)
Directed by Louise Bagnall

Academy Award nominee Late Afternoon is an Irish animated short film directed by Louise Bagnall and produced by Cartoon Saloon. The film is about an elderly woman coping with dementia as she relives her memories of the past. Emily must look to her past so that she may fully connect with the present.


Sat Oct 5