Oct. 1-4


Shorts Program 3

The Tattooed Heart (9 minutes)
Directed by Sheldon Wong Schwartz

A creative writing instructor (Jennifer Morrison, Once Upon a Time) at a juvenile detention center finds common ground with a troubled student (Madison Wolfe, I Kill Giants) yet quickly finds herself in great danger when she decides to help her.

Take Me to the Stars (16 minutes)
Directed by Justin Scott Lawrence

A young boy, dealing with a recent handicap and a vivid imagination, tries to understand his distant father while dealing with the death of his wonderful mother.

The Fighting Road (16 minutes)
Directed by Walcene Metayer

A black Union soldier trapped behind enemy lines befriends a freed woman and her son while pursued by vicious Confederates.

First Gen (16 minutes)
Directed by Nick Weiss

First Gen follows the story of three first-generation college students from Baltimore and Washington, D.C. as they struggle to find their place in a vastly different environment where failure could mean continuing the cycles of poverty they are desperately trying to escape.

Bishop (16:40 minutes)
Directed by Joshua Ziggy Popkin

The harrowing true story of William Bradford Bishop, who murdered his entire family and vanished never to be seen again.

What They Seem (5 minutes)
Directed by John Becker

In the woods of an upper middleclass neighborhood, two men find an unconscious African American man and have very different reactions.


Tue Oct 8