Oct. 2-10


The Bonobo Connection

Directed by Irene Magafan

(31 minutes)

The Bonobo Connection, narrated by Hollywood actor and activist, Ashley Judd, takes an intimate look into one of our closest and most forgotten relatives, bonobo apes. Journey into a corrupt world, full of habitat destruction, political war, civil unrest and illegal hunting and you will find one of the most peaceful beings on Earth, the bonobo. Through bonobos in captivity at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio we learn about their cousins in the wild forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo. World leaders in wildlife conservation and great ape research discuss the system of cooperation that bonobos have created, which holds the key to sustaining peace not only for bonobos but for humankind.

Q & A with the director Irene Magafan.


Thu Oct 10